Uchida-Kraepelin performance test

The "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test " is an aptitude test/ personality inventory that is optimal for measuring the Capability, Behavioral and personality traits of examinees with objective indicators.
" Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" is a psychological test of a performance test that does not use words. Therefore, the "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" is not affected by your mother tongue or culture, and can be used overseas or when hiring foreigners in exactly the same way as in Japan.

What is the Uchida-Kraepelin performance test?

The "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" is a psychological test in which the examinee performs a simple single-digit addition, and based on the result, measures the examinee's Capability and Behavioral and personality traits.
The "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" is used in various situations in Japan, such as recruitment selection and proper placement of government offices and companies, educational guidance at schools, and diagnostic materials in the medical field.

Japan's leading psychological test, which is taken by 700,000 people a year in Japan and 10,000 people a year worldwide

The "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" is one of the longest-used psychological tests developed in Japan, and has been used in industry, education, and medical practice for nearly 100 years .
The fact that it has been used in a wide range of fields for such a long time means that the "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" can be said to be a test that can determine the universal part of human psychology.
Even now, 700,000 people in Japan take the "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" annually, and its utility value is still highly evaluated.

In recent years, the "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test " has gone beyond being positioned as a representative test in Japan and is spreading around the world, especially in Asia. In an era where diversity is respected, the strength of the "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" , which is not easily affected by language and cultural backgrounds and can be used for hiring foreigners overseas, is drawing attention again.

Available countries / regions are currently Japan +14 countries / regions

There are some aspects that cannot be understood by interviews and question tests.

The biggest feature of "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" is that it measures the examinees using only "work". Respondents' intentions (subjectivity and self-awareness) are inevitably included in interviews and questionnaire method(tests using questions), but in the "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" , the examinee is also aware of the work. Features that do not appear.

Candidates can be of any age, gender or language

"Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" is a genre of psychological tests called "performance test".
Candidates perform a simple single-digit addition, changing lines every minute, for a total of 30 minutes, 15 minutes each in the first half and the second half (break for 5 minutes in the middle). Based on the total amount of calculation (work amount), the transition of changes in the amount of calculation per minute (working curve), and incorrect answers, the "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test " comprehensively describes the characteristics of the examinee's Capability, Behavioral and personality traits. To measure.

The "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" can be performed in any language as long as it can add one digit of Arabic and Indian numerals, so it is possible to carry out exactly the same test for both national and foreign employees . ..

  • Native employee
  • Foreign employees
  • Overseas local employees
  • Overseas dispatch personnel for technical intern training, specific skills, advanced human resources, etc.

In addition to Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Korean can be selected as the Results language.
In addition, Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese are available for "How to read the Results".

You can see " characteristics of Capability traits" and "Behavioral and personality traits"

In order to measure "intelligence" or "personality", it is usually necessary to carry out two or more tests.
However, the "Uchida-Kraepelin performance test" can measure both "Capability when a person works (behavior)" and "characteristics when demonstrating that Capability".
"Capability traits" have a high correlation with intelligence, and show how quickly the examinee can process the given work and how efficiently the work can be done.
On the other hand, the "characteristics of demonstrating Capability" often overlap with the characteristics we call "personality".

working curve
Wrong answer

Total complexity

Change in computational complexity every minute

Addition mistake

Capability traits
Behavioral and personality traits

Work efficiency and tempo when working

Characteristic and habit that is exhibited when working or working

Working style

As an index of the "The right person in the right place" in the right place

Please understand the potential required for work and the Behavioral and personality traits, and use it for recruitment, proper placement, Group analysis and development, etc.

  • Let's avoid wasting the trial period for proper recruitment.
  • Let's visualize the Capability and Behavioral and personality traits suitable for proper placement work.
  • Promotion Let's measure whether there is a necessary potential for promotion.
  • Group diagnosis Let's know the current situation and aim to create an optimal Group.
  • Eliminate the risk of safety care personnel.
  • Mental Health Perform regular mental health checks.

Usage record

A total of more than 50 million people have taken the test, and even now, it is used by government offices, companies, schools, etc., with 700,000 people a year in Japan and 10,000 people a year overseas.

Government office Central ministries (Ministry of Defense, Land / Sea / Air Self-Defense Force, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Personnel Committee (conducted in 37 of 47 prefectures)
Board of Education, Board of Education (implemented in 26 of 47 prefectures)
Police Headquarters, Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Transportation Bureau (implemented in 31 of 47 prefectures)
Enterprise Alef Co., Ltd., Mochida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Honda Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd., Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Isetan Co., Ltd., ULVAC Co., Ltd., JR and other railway companies, Daido Special Steel Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, Nitori Co., Ltd., Hasegawa Co., Ltd., West Japan Steel Co., Ltd., JEF Steel Co., Ltd., Sogo Security Co., Ltd., Nichinoken Co., Ltd., Nippon Express Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Seiko Epson Co., Ltd., Combi Co., Ltd., Agrex Co., Ltd., Fuji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd., Francoa Co., Ltd., Sukairaku Co., Ltd., Kao Logistics Co., Ltd.
Many others
Other Various cooperatives such as medical corporations, medical bureaus, social welfare corporations, special nursing homes for the elderly (accepting foreign trainees, etc.)
Asia About 10,000 people a year, including BTS and other Thai urban railway companies, Japanese factories in various parts of Asia, Philippine railway schools and sailor schools, etc.

Since 2013, BTS has been introduced not only by drivers but also by the entire company.

BTS, an elevated railway that runs in Bangkok, Thailand, was introduced to hire drivers in 2006, and has been used not only by drivers but also by the entire company since 2013. In 2019, it was widely used in MRT and ARL, and was introduced in all urban railways in Thailand.

Examination fee and Results

Examination fee 24US $ per judgment
If you are on a business trip, you may be charged a separate transportation fee.
In addition, each Distributor can also use services such as recruitment, personnel consulting, and Group development.
Please contact your nearest Distributor for details.
Results We will send you the test result of the PDF file by e-mail within 1 to 3 business days after the inspection.
The Results can be selected from one language from Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional / simplified).
  • [Individual Results]
  • [ Results of the entire Group ]
  • [Map of how to Working style quickly]

Judgment model

Judgment criteria can be selected according to the purpose of use.
The Results of " Uchida-Kraepelin performance test " shows the amount of work per hour and the Behavioral and personality traits, but the average value of these varies depending on the country or region.
In particular, the amount of work differs greatly between developed and developing countries, so you can choose from four models to perform analysis that matches the comparison target.

  • Japanese model Since it is based on the average of Japanese examinees, it matches expatriates and foreigners who are planning to work in Japan.
  • Chinese model Mainly based on the average of Chinese examinees in the coastal areas.
  • Korean model Based on the average of Korean examinees.
  • ASEAN model Mainly based on the average of examinees in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Uchida Please contact your nearest Distributor to request a Uchida-Kraepelin performance test .
Please feel free to contact us using the form if you cannot find the nearest Distributor or if you would like to implement it in multiple regions.

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